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Protected: 4/10 Committee Meeting Minutes

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ACTIONS We’re Taking

Visit this list of local actions taking place on May 1 in the Denver area. Know of an action? Email denvergeneralstrike AT gmail DOT com.

Denver General Strike May 1 poster image

Click for a poster-sized image.

Rally for Students – State Capitol, Wed, Apr 11

Rally flyer image

Click above to download the leaflet to promote the April 11 event.

On Wednesday, April 11 at 10:00 AM, JeffCo teachers, students, parents and others will “Take the Lead: Rally for Our Students’ Future.” Jefferson County Colorado Education Association is co-sponsoring the event. Could be a good leafleting opportunity. April 11 is a furlough day for JeffCo teachers.

Protected: 4/3 Committee Meeting Minutes

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Protected: 3/27 Committee Meeting Minutes – Updated 3/31

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Laid-off Workers Occupy Irish Shops

Game Employees Occupy photo imageStaff of the shut-down Game and Gamestation stores have occupied all the stores in the Irish Republic. The issue involves redundancy pay, which the liquidator firm, is insisting workers obtain from the Irish state, which could take more than a year.

Apparently, as many as fourteen stores are involved in the action.

Follow the workers on Facebook.

Read the workers’ statement here.

See stories here and here.

National Occupy Transit – Civic Center, Wed, Apr 4

Click above to download the leaflet that was distributed at the April 4 event.

On Tuesday, Occupy Denver was approached by RTD’s Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, to support the following action, which the General Assembly endorsed. This is an opportunity for us to talk with transit workers about May Day, as well as show solidarity by helping with ATU’s leafleting.

News Coverage

  • Denver Post: Denver bus drivers protest transit cuts that affect poor and disabled travelers
  • Labor Notes: Transit Troubles Provoke National Day of Protests
  • Occupy Transit! Transit Workers & Occupy Movement Team Up


Wednesday, April 4, 2012
10:30 to 12 Noon
Civic Center Station, Denver (1560 Broadway)

Join ATU 1001 activists on your day off or split.

We will be leafleting transit riders for support from the 99% who need transit.

Acknowledging their mutual concern about the crisis in mass transit, the General Executive Board of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) has endorsed the National Day of Action for Public Transportation called by Occupy Boston to take place, April 4.

Take action here.

From Spain to Subway

CEA General Strike poster image

A general strike poster from CEA (Colectivo Estudiantil Alternativo) in Salamanca depicts a meat grinder. Going in: education, social services, labor rights. Coming out: cutbacks, insecurity, labor reform, salary reductions, unemployment, scholarship reductions, and more.

A story and detailed timeline in The Guardian today talk of “near-empty railway stations, shut factories,” marchers in the streets and some violence in Madrid and other cities across Spain. The response by workers was greater than similar actions in 2010 and 2002, according to the article. An indication of an industry-sector shutdown was a drop in electricity consumption of 17%. The head of UGT (General Workers), which has 1 million members, claimed that 97% of workers in industry and construction participated, with the overall participation at 77%.

Yesterday in New York, a coalition of rank-and-file members of Transport Workers Union Local 100, Amalgamated Transit Union, and Occupy Wall Street opened the doors to more than 20 subway stations, to protest “escalating service cuts, fare hikes, racist policing, assaults on transit workers’ working conditions and livelihoods — and the profiteering of the super-rich by way of a system they’ve rigged in their favor,” according to a statement by the “Rank and File Initiative,” reprinted on Accompanying the freebies were faux signs from the Metro Transit Authority:

The MTA is determined to make the highest profit off your commute. We apologize for the recent service cuts and fare hikes but they were necessary […] our friends on Wall Street. Enter this station for free through the service entrance. Be prepared for expanded free service until the resolution of contract negotiations in favor of TWU Local 100. [transcribed on]

Transit Leaflets photo image

A faux MTA "Planned System Change" at left proclaims free entry in a New York subway; at right is a “Planned System Interruption” for May 1. (Photo posted on

Protected: 3/20 Committee Meeting Minutes

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Wildcat in Canada; GS in Portugal; Looking Towards Spain

The following stories were published today:

  • Wildcat strikes break out at Canadian airports
  • AFP: Portugal Hit by General Strike against Austerity

This post is a little dated, so read some of the comments:

  • Spain: The CNT calls for a nationwide general strike on March 29