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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Protected: 3/27 Committee Meeting Minutes – Updated 3/31

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Laid-off Workers Occupy Irish Shops

Staff of the shut-down Game and Gamestation stores have occupied all the stores in the Irish Republic. The issue involves redundancy pay, which the liquidator firm, is insisting workers obtain from the Irish state, which could take more than a year. Apparently, as many as fourteen stores are involved in the action. Follow the workers […]

National Occupy Transit – Civic Center, Wed, Apr 4

On Tuesday, Occupy Denver was approached by RTD’s Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, to support the following action, which the General Assembly endorsed. This is an opportunity for us to talk with transit workers about May Day, as well as show solidarity by helping with ATU’s leafleting. News Coverage Denver Post: Denver bus drivers protest transit […]

From Spain to Subway

A story and detailed timeline in The Guardian today talk of “near-empty railway stations, shut factories,” marchers in the streets and some violence in Madrid and other cities across Spain. The response by workers was greater than similar actions in 2010 and 2002, according to the article. An indication of an industry-sector shutdown was a […]

Protected: 3/20 Committee Meeting Minutes

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Wildcat in Canada; GS in Portugal; Looking Towards Spain

The following stories were published today: Wildcat strikes break out at Canadian airports AFP: Portugal Hit by General Strike against Austerity This post is a little dated, so read some of the comments: Spain: The CNT calls for a nationwide general strike on March 29

Had Enough? ¡Basta Ya! All-Purpose May 1 Brochure

On May 1 this year millions of people all over the world who work for a living will show that we have . . . had enough! We’ve had enough of manipulated markets, phony inflated prices, lost savings, stolen pensions, and worthless or foreclosed homes. We’ve had enough of healthcare we can’t afford, of being […]

“A Verb, Not a Noun”: Can Occupy pull off a general strike?

On Leap Day, Natasha Lennard, who covers the Occupy movement for, looked at some of the challenges facing calls for a nationwide general strike on May 1. In the course of this brief glance she raises a provocative question or two: How does a service-based workforce compare with an industrial workforce vis-à-vis the general […]

Protected: 3/13 Committee Meeting Minutes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Solidarity with Postal Workers!

Download the flyer in English and Spanish here. Spanish version is below. In New York City, a city-wide coalition, the Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs and Services, is mobilizing nationally for a March 17 rally and march to stop the privatization of the U.S. Post Office. This action is to commemorate a victorious postal strike […]