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May Day Musings: Wobblies, Žižek, and Burnt Bookmobile

Juan Conatz, an IWW member from Minneapolis, contributed an article to the May Day issue of the IWW’s newspaper, International Worker. In “Some Objections To Occupy May 1st,” Conatz confronts what are perhaps the most common quibbles about the wisdom of a general strike this May Day, from “Organized labor was not/is not being consulted” […]

Occupy and The Leaders Being Led

Earlier this month, one of our number attended a session of the 99% Spring direct-action training ostensibly sponsored by a coalition of 40+ organizations, but spearheaded by During that training attendees were eager to hear about May Day 2012 activities. You can even view training segments online. The training spurred reflections, such as “How […]

More from Montreal

Here are some additional resources regarding the student strike in Montreal, which may be moving in the direction of being more than a one-issue movement. Rouge Squad: “We provide bilingual resources against the tuition hikes and for the student strike”; this site also has several links to other websites Facebook: News from the 2012 Quebec […]

Northern CA Workers Consider Bridge Action; “Occupy the Farm”

Golden Gate Bridge, Bus, and Ferry Workers Prepare for Possible May Day Strike to Protect Good Jobs and Healthcare North Bay Labor Council Grants Strike Sanction to Golden Gate Labor Coalition SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 23, 2012 – The North Bay Labor Council granted strike sanction to the Golden Gate Labor Coalition this weekend as […]

Thousands of Honduran Workers Occupy Land

“More than 3,500 families started squatting on farmland in the provinces of Yoro, Cortes, Santa Barbara, Intibuca, Comayagua, Francisco Morazan, El Paraiso and Choluteca on Tuesday—the International Peasant Day of Struggle,” according to La Via Campesina, International Peasant Movement. More than 200 actions and activities had been planned worldwide for A Global Day of Peasant […]

Montreal Student Strike

The two-month-old student strike in Montreal, the longest in Quebec history, comes in the face of tuition hikes of $325 a year for five years. Visit Stop the hike to read what the students are saying.

Ironworkers in Poland Pull Wildcat

Ironworkers in Chorzow, Poland earlier this month pulled a wildcat strike due to layoffs and use of contractors. They received support from local people—including 500 football fans. Read about it on

Jeremy Brecher and Occupy: Towards a 21st Century General Strike

Three weeks ago at our Coordinating Committee meeting, we had yet another brief discussion of the dynamics of our situation: putting out the call for observance of International Workers’ Day, in whichever way the working people of Denver see fit and will manage. That same day, Jeremy Brecher, who has done a lot of writing […]

Laid-off Workers Occupy Irish Shops

Staff of the shut-down Game and Gamestation stores have occupied all the stores in the Irish Republic. The issue involves redundancy pay, which the liquidator firm, is insisting workers obtain from the Irish state, which could take more than a year. Apparently, as many as fourteen stores are involved in the action. Follow the workers […]

From Spain to Subway

A story and detailed timeline in The Guardian today talk of “near-empty railway stations, shut factories,” marchers in the streets and some violence in Madrid and other cities across Spain. The response by workers was greater than similar actions in 2010 and 2002, according to the article. An indication of an industry-sector shutdown was a […]